About us and our Mission

Three Palms Arabians was founded upon the principles that descended from the Bedouin tribes of the ancient deserts in the Middle East. We are privately owned and a family operated straight Egyptian Arabian breeding facility. A small herd of straight Egyptian mares reside here.

They are pristine examples of their heritage with the lines of Al Metrabbi, Ansata Ibn Halima, Ruminaja Ali, The Egyptian Prince, Imperial Baarez, *Orashan, *Simeon Shai+, and Thee Desperado represented. All are straight Egyptian as defined by The Pyramid Society.

Passion drives our desire to preserve and perpetuate these lines which are pure Egyptian for they make up less than three percent of all purebred registered Arabians. It is important to insure that these lines are not lost to the future because they possess unique characteristics that are as old as the Bedouin breeding traditions themselves.

Revered by the Bedouins for their intelligence, strength, courage, disposition, and beauty, the Egyptian Arabian has remained constant over the centuries. Three Palms Arabians is focused on protecting what we hold most dear, that being the same qualities that the Bedouins valued in their beloved Arabian horse.

We continually strive to produce conformational correct, well-balanced horses to enhance their athletic ability, a sound temperament with extreme willingness to please, a loving disposition, and the classic beauty that is their trademark.